May 23, 2011


On the Monday after Easter, I started a new job. This is the hardest, most exhausting, time consuming, and most fulfilling pursuit that I have experienced outside of motherhood. I am teaching seven classes of middle and high schoolers, finishing the school year for one of Julia's teachers. Jules is in three of my classes, and she is totally the teacher's pet. She has been so much support and has offered me some very honest feedback. What seventh grade daughter would offer her mom/teacher any less?

Today I wrote two final exams for my 12th graders who will be graduating next weekend. I covered the geography of Judea with the sixth, seventh, and ninth graders in my Bible classes. I only called Dan twice for help in creating PDFs of the aforementioned exams, because I never installed Adobe Acrobat on the laptop. Typical stuff for teachers, but still new to me.

As the daughter of an elementary educator myself, I knew about the schedule and the lesson plans and the good days and the 'taking your kids to school with you' parts. The most perplexing part for me remains: why do I like this? I have never longed to be a classroom teacher, and I honestly believe that I would have been terrible at this. Isn't this a random career path for me?

Now, I can see that it isn't a tangent. In so many ways, God has been prepping me for this since my prep school days. The carefree, field tripping, PTA mom is long gone. It's time to get to work. And tomorrow, I will be chaperoning a field trip as a teacher/mom.

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  1. WOW Leigh Ann- I am SO happy for you!! What an awesome assignment in the marketplace! :)

    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Love you,