October 30, 2010

So glad

God knows our hearts. I am pondering this thought today. For our family, we don't want a nice version of Halloween. We now want to skip it altogether. But in 12 short years of Halloween skipping, we have planned several kinds of diversions for our kids on the 31st of October. Church parties in costumes, church parties without costumes, church parties where everyone but us were wearing costumes, out to dinner, mini golf, weekend trips, and the bounce houses place.

A few times, as we left the innocent fall festivities, I felt so grateful that God knows my heart. I felt like I had struck out. No run. No man on base. Not even a hit. Just struck out as a mom and a daughter of the Most High. I don't want to use my kids to make a statement about something. I just want to obey the Lord.

As they question me on why we can't do something, I need to know what the Lord's point is. I don't want to make up something that God is not really saying to us. He knows that we are dodging and weaving around Halloween each year. He knows that we are in this world, but not of it. He is guiding and warning us at each opportunity to keep our hedge of protection in place. We do not want to play with something that the Bible has warned us to hate.

We pray all year against fear and deception. We pray all year for light and faith. It really seems fake to celebrate in any way an occasion that is all about fear and darkness. Even for just one day or month of the year.

Friends and neighbors may be confused or feel judged or feel resentful. They may think they know why we are skipping Halloween.

But I am so glad. . .SO GLAD. . .that God knows my heart.

October 12, 2010

Word4Word Kids on BetsyB.TV

Word4Word Kids is a creative presentation of God's Word. Entire families are going to love this show. Parents and children are going to learn whole chapters of the Bible, just from singing these songs. Kids will apply thes passages to their real lives from the ideas presented in each episode.

A week ago, Dan and I watched the first episode: 'Foolish and Wise' for the first time. We are proud. It is visually beautiful. It is full of fun surprises and dry humor that our family always appreciates.

So, what's next? It's TV time. And with that, comes a whole list of "what's next?" questions. The families and friends who worked on this show are eager for it to be enjoyed by families all over the world. We want this production to be fruitful. Several networks have the capability and audience to reach these families. We are asking for Holy Spirit guidance to the heads of studios who will nurture this production.

This show was created for television. It has the cast and story to support a series. It will make a great series. So, please pray for Betsy Beers and her team in the coming days. Betsy is writing and working on the series, even as she waits for the first show to air. God is good. He asked for this act of obedience, and Betsy and her team have completed the first installment.

Word4Word Kids is obedience that is currently in Blu-Ray and DVD form. His creativity and blessing are on this show!