December 25, 2011

The Grand Celebration

The perky yet professional actress in the commercial announced that Christmas was her favorite time of year.

Perched on the couch, my 9 year old, witty, middle child in her driest voice responded, "It's everyone's favorite."  So true. Who are those people who actually do not like the Christmas season? I am NOT one of those people who complain that Christmas starts too early. I need every minute of the 2 month holiday stretch to prepare. I barely completed the shopping this year.

But every year, I have worked at keeping Jesus the center of the season. I used words like effort and working on it. This year, I repented of that approach. I wholeheartedly abandoned that effort. Instead, we just flowed in the Spirit, focusing on God this month just as we do every month of the year. We did not abandon Jesus' birthday; we abandoned the effort of it all.

I do value intentionality in my walk with Christ. Without it, very little progress would ever. . .progress. But this year, I noticed we really weren't working very hard to keep this season and its activities about Jesus. Worshiping and thinking about Jesus are already daily practices of ours. Christmas is the Grand Celebration of that lifestyle. We are throwing parties for the One who is in our daily conversation and permanently in our hearts.

So, I admit: this is a fun place to be. As a family, we aren't working on it this year. We are just enjoying and experiencing the season.

Maybe I just didn't have time to try to seem spiritual.

Have you noticed that I have not posted to this site since September? Well, I am now working full time.  I am currently teaching high school English, Government/Economics, and Journalism at the Christian school where my children attend. While I actually have more material and direct ministry opportunities than I have time to record, I see now how priorities must shift when time is over-committed. Yes, I did buy a last minute Christmas gift at CVS Pharmacy this year. That's a first for me.

No more effort. No more working at it. We simply pressed pause on our normal schedule, turned up the volume on the carols, and are taking 6 weeks to celebrate the birthday of the Savior, the One we worship 365 days a year.