August 12, 2016

An invitation to read my journal

December is almost here. As my thoughts turned to Bethlehem's celebrity baby, I remembered the usual things about the nativity story. I am a well Sunday-schooled believer who differentiates the tradition of the season from the worship of The Reason for the Season. But, I certainly do love all of it. I truly love how Christians and other Christmas celebrators have stretched this holy day into a worldwide time of peace on Earth and goodwill to men. We all walk around unknowingly quoting Scripture, particularly that angelic announcement found in Luke 2 from the New Testament.

The wishing of so much peace and kindness -without the acknowledgement of God who is the source of those- can be hard to bear sometimes. But Christians should not be offended by that. It's still a remarkable message regardless of whether the messenger can explain its origin. This is the time of year when we, as the too often silent, intimidated believers have opportunities to salt up the season with our faith. It's an easy integration. We shouldn't be sequestering the Christmas fiesta to churches and Bible studies. I want to generously and inclusively share the joy with everyone. I feel the same way about the Good News of salvation, because this is the heart of the Gospel. It starts here at the human birth of the Messiah.

So, I am journalling through the season as God prepares my heart for Him. I am inviting you to read along starting on Thursday, December 1. I will post links on Facebook and blog subscribers will receive each post as an email devotional.

Merry Christmas,
Leigh Ann

New Series for Fall 2016

H2O4 Underwater Sessions

Session 1: Rivers in Deserts
Session 2: Come to the Well
Session 3:  Dehydration
Session 4: Swimming in Freedom

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