April 18, 2011


Today, I completed my 38th trip around the sun. The view from here is grand. Lately, I am all about quiet and listening to the Lord. In the mornings, I play Lego's with William and do laundry. In the afternoons, I drive various kids to various places or serve food to them. The afternoon snack and dinner seem to be only 30 minutes apart these days. It sounds mundane, but it is not at all. It is routine, but I have such a deep satisfaction in this season. I have intentionally created some room to hear the voice of the Lord. I am ready for the next trip, the next topic to teach, and the next season. I am rested and ready. I have been here before. This calm- these types of days- always precede a season of productivity and purpose. The only thing missing is the message that He wants me to share. I have plenty to do that could keep me busy on ministry projects, but I know that I will know when He wants me to speak. My routine can claim a victory tonight. At this moment, the toys are put away, the kitchen is clean because Dan cleaned it before he left for worship band rehearsal, and all three kids are tucked in bed. Not wanting to brag here, I just wanted to document this moment. Because very soon, I will be on a new adventure, and rest and routines will be replaced.