December 15, 2010


Today, I took William to a birthday party after preschool. I forgot to attach one of Will's adorable little calling cards to the gift. I searched the car for anything that would work as a last minute birthday card for a 4 year old boy. How hard could that be? Any piece of paper should do.
A Target receipt? No, I actually needed to keep that.
A Chick-fil-A napkin? I considered it for a second. It was clean!

I had not one sheet of paper in the car to scribble a note and sign Will's name. My recently imposed, strict policy of having the kids remove their stuff after each car trip had now backfired. Where is a Hello Kitty journal when I need it?

Digging deeper in my purse, I discovered a blank mailing label from my errand to the post office. Perfect. It already says: "To: and From:" And maybe it would have been a clever themed gift idea if I had wrapped the gift in brown paper like a package. . .Next time.

So, today, Will arrived to his friend's house with a very cool Cars gift bag with a mailing label proudly stuck to the tissue paper. So, why do I share such a silly story? Because during this problem solving session today, I realized that I am letting small things go. Small details that nobody is stressed about. . .except me. Life is going on for Dan, for the kids, and for their friends. I don't want to miss the fun because I am pouting about the last thing that didn't go perfectly.

At the moment, I was proud of myself for improvising.
Hey, I was actually proud that I remembered to take him to the party.
Happy Birthday, Will's Friend.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Leigh Ann! I can totally relate and the whole post just made me smile :) Way to go! I am working on this, too, letting the small stuff go and realizing that everything doesn't have to be PERFECT all the time to be enjoyed! I just love you!