December 7, 2016

December 7: Message Received

Nativity scenes consistently feature the same cast of characters. The three leads are Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus laying in a manger.  When you expand to the full scene, you also see a couple of shepherds along with their fuzzy friends and three or more magi bearing gifts. And who can forget the glorious announcing angel there as well?

All of our characters received a specific message, messages addressed to them individually. Something supernatural happened to cause them to travel great distances in order to worship this tiny, homeless baby. While studying these verses this season, I discovered that each of them embarked on this journey only after being told to do so by an angel or in a dream.

And they all landed at the same place: worshiping an unlikely king in an unlikely place.

I am praying that I do not miss a single message from the Lord asking for my obedience. I am praying that I do not miss a single command of "Fear Not!" or a definitive reminder that "Nothing is impossible with God." (Luke 1)

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