December 23, 2016

December 22 & 23: Heart Change

This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples after He was raised from the dead. Matthew 20:14

A sincere change of heart
Has found me here today.
The fear I once knew
Was not here to stay.

A year ago, I could not see
What God had planned
For my heart
Or for me.

Seeking but not finding,
My nets wanting more.
God's Word ever faithful,
I rowed over to the shore.

He was waiting for us to arrive.
A smile upon his face.
That beach fire burning bright
For our catch to be placed.

He was giving us instructions
When we didn't know Him
He was guiding us all along
But we didn't know Him.

Now safely on the beach,
Resting in His care.
My strong guard is watching,
I know that He's aware.

"It is the Lord," we all cried out.
I recognize him now.
You know, Lord,  that I love you.
My challenge is showing you how.


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