December 3, 2016

December 3: Cleaning and Clearing

Apparently for Americans living outside of Florida, there is a fall season that serves as a transition from summer to winter. This strange season apparently involves clearing away dead leaves from yards at this time of year. While visiting Georgia and North Alabama last month, I was reminded that those beautiful, colorful leaves have fallen, because they have died. They are no longer alive.

Similarly the artificial fall leaves that I bought at Hobby Lobby to adorn my front porch are not alive either. Both are technically non-living things. 

Dead things need to be cleaned up and cleared out. Dead thoughts. Dead ideas. Last year's plans that you can release to make room for new ones.

But whether you were never alive or have fallen away, I know the One who gives life. He clears away the old, and He provides the new. Yes, I, once again, packed up my faux fall wreath. I made room for an evergreen tree, representing a life full of joy and obedience. An abundant life in Him (John 10:10)

*Note: Each of the the ornaments in this month's blog pictures are currently hanging from my family's Christmas tree.

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