December 12, 2016

December 12: All Together

Ten empty Christmas CD cases were found. Every Christmas CD we own had gone missing. As I opened each case to check for the discs, I realized what I had done.

Last Christmas before our holiday road trip through Alabama, I bought a nice new CD portfolio case that I filled with our favorites, including the family's Christmas music collection. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael W. Smith and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer were safely tucked into the new case. They were never returned to their own individual cases. And a whole year later, I could not find any of them on the day that I wanted to deck my halls with boughs of holly, a tradition usually carried out with loud singing to my favorite Christmas songs.

Yesterday was a busy day celebrating our December daughter. But in a rare quiet moment,  I remembered the portfolio. I rushed to the car, opened the black zipped case and rediscovered the joy of Christmas.

I found the music of the season. All together. That was the secret: I loved sharing these songs with my family at home, with friends at Christmas parties, with brothers and sisters at church, and with strangers at a concert. What unifying power! They bond us together. Instantly, the familiar lyrics transform us into a choir. The festive tunes and words bring us all together.

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