February 26, 2011

For Bill

Written by Charlotte Laughlin

I am the wife,

Of the love of my life;

And the love of my life. . .

Is Bill.

I have loved him,

More than forty years;

And I love him. . .


What's the secret way,

I'm sure you will say;

To make love stay?

Just pray.

We prayed for the joy.

Got a girl and two boys;

And a ninth grandchild. . .

On the way.

When we are in the tall weeds,

Because he disagrees;

We get down on our knees. . .

It's time to forgive.

We go to the Word,

Best advice we've ever heard;

It's in front of the curve. . .

On how to live.

I say, "You go first,"

He offers the reverse.

We hold to the verse. . .

The last shall be first.


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