February 12, 2011

For My Wife

By Newton E. Delchamps, Jr.
Circa 1945

To me, you are the sweetest wife,
And to my heart, eternal life.
You hold my heart between each beat,
And love is there, when our lips meet.

Your hair is brown, your eyes are too
And Dear, your favorite color's blue
Each little thing I like so much
Is made outstanding by your touch.

Each day is spent in thoughts of you
And then at night my dreams come true
At first I see your smiling face
And then I feel your fond embrace.


  1. Precious! Is that your grandfather?

  2. Yes, Kim, this poem was written by our Granddaddy Delchamps (Mom's Dad) for our grandmother.He still writes poetry almost every day at age 88. David's middle name honors them.