February 10, 2011

The Mosaic of Life

By Diane Lytle

Your life together is like a beautiful mosaic picture,
Each piece through the years is unique and special.

There are memories still sweet on your mind
And there are times that you've had that you'd rather not find.

In 50 years, love has shown you great things,
From seaside travels, Rocky Mountains to a cool autumn breeze.

The frequent beach trips and family affairs,
Your love and example showed us all how deeply you cared.

A gentle mother's touch and friendship that stands up through time,
All your daughters, granddaughters, sons and grandsons are proud to call you mine.

As a dad you believed in the best we can do,
We've always felt love and admired by you.

As years tick by on your life clocks,
Your foundation of love and faith is a solid rock.

Marriage matters and you've taught us well,
To cherish and remember our family, our friends and our heritage to tell.

Through hard times and joyful times your lives are a great example to us,
Precious moments are captured and remembered because each piece is a must.

Pieces of love,
Pieces of family,
Treasured memories,
To love and to carry.

Hold this time close and dear to your heart,
Now celebrate life- everyday-each and every part.

With all my love and thankfulness for two wonderful,
loving, giving and very special parents at the celebration
of their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Orlando, Florida, May 2007
Love always, Diane

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  1. I am enjoying this poetry feature so much. Thanks for sharing this one, Diane.