March 5, 2011

My '38' Journal

Grandmother Delchamps inspired me with the books she bought for me as a young girl. One of my favorites is still "Legacy of a Pack Rat" written by Ruth Bell Graham. In it, Mrs. Graham shared a collection of her writings and poetry. It was so fun to read some of her personal writings from her life in a missionary family in Asia to dating Billy Graham.
For the past several years, I have focused my own writing time on encouraging others through the development of curriculum and workbooks. I have lately longed to revisit the fun side of writing. In February, I indulged in some rhyming and even posted some love poems here on the site. In March, I plan to share from my "38" journal.
Since my birthday last year, I have been filling a special journal to take a snapshot of my life in this season. So, stay tuned all month long as I conclude my 38th lap around the sun and share verses, anecdotes and even insights from others that I have collected all year long. Even more than encouraging other people, I want my legacy to include. . .

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