June 27, 2010

Word4Word Kids 4 BetsyB.TV

Word4Word Kids is a kids' TV adventure series. Families will learn Scripture through the songs and stories presented in this show. A pilot episode titled "Foolish and Wise" will be shot in Central Florida from July 5-10.

The Crawford family is involved in this production in several ways: Dan as a songwriter and performer, Julia as a singer, and Charlotte as a cast member. And currently Leigh Ann is coordinating the cast schedules and costumes and will be kid wrangling on set.

Please pray for us in the coming weeks. This show presents a powerful message in innovative packaging. We believe that God is leading us- and others who have partnered with the show- to finish what we have started. By the end of the summer, we will have a creative show, ready to air and ready to teach God's Word to families.

Cover the cast and the crew in your prayers as we complete the assignment that the Lord has given to us. I believe that Betsy Beers could make a great show on her own, but we are expecting the power of God to start a revolution, not just another TV series. Thank you for your patience with us and your support of our family's summer ministry.

Some dates to remember:
Final Pre-production: June 28- July 2
Rehearsal: July 3
Location Shooting: July 5-9
Opening credits shoot on set: July 10

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