July 31, 2008

Ready, set, go!

With my capable and creative Mom's help, I have 2 weeks of lessons plans ready for my students. Mom (Charlotte Laughlin) also serves as the principal of our school. She provides encouragement and incentives and even textbooks for the students. Our daughters are so eager to break open the new school supplies that we are going to start work on Monday, August 4. By Labor Day, we will be ready for a break.

God bless this home and all who teach and all who learn.

In other news, the kickoff party and first Encouragement Event will be held here at my house on Monday, August 11. Please pray for Living Water to be served that evening.

Also, this Saturday night, Dan is performing a set at Cup O' Soul Christian Coffee House in Winter Park. He will debut a new tune along with a list of his originals and other worship songs. And it's a date night for us. I guess that makes me a groupie.

Thanks for the encouragement that you all have extended to me as we "Go" therefore.

1 comment:

  1. Can I be one of your students! Knowing your mom and you, I know that the daily lessons will be fun and informative!

    For all of you who missed Dan's set at Cup o' Soul - you better come next time! It was awesome! And Leigh Ann makes such a good "groupie"! :-)

    It was great to see you and Dan on your date night and I'm looking forward to coming and hearing Dan again at one of Betsy's "Coffee House" nights! I had such a great time and I was inspired to go home and read Joshua 18. I'm now embarking on the journey to "go out and survey the land" the Lord wants to give me.

    Love your website and I look forward to visiting it often.