July 22, 2008

New Season

A new season of life. Around this house, I am cleaning out closets and getting organized. But also, we are also officially changing our focus to things Above. Yes, ok, we already live a deliberate life that ventures with the Lord.

But for the first time in a while, I feel the freedom to really serve Him fully.

So, what's changed? First, we have stepped out of our little school, where Julia has attended (and I have volunteered) for 5 years. We will homeschool this year: 5th grade for Julia (age 10) and kindergarten for Charlotte (age 5). William (1 year) will be majoring in cuteness and hopefully naps so that schooltime be productive.

Second, it is clear that this new flexibility in our schedule will allow me to pursue some specific assignments that the Lord has given me. The Lord and I have been discussing these plans for several years, and now is the time to take some steps forward. One assignment is a ministry to the discouraged and overwhelmed Christian. Communicating the hope and power of the Gospel is my desire.

Please lift our family in prayer during this transition time, and check in often for updates on our family's school projects and for information on "Encouragement Events" coming to a town near you.


  1. yea! i have been waiting for this! looking forward to hearing more. love you!

  2. I'm in. It is great to read about your heart's desires. Hope I can attend and babysit for some of your ministry times.

    Hugs and kisses to Julsie, Chachi, Will Will and a big hug to your precious sponsor and husband, Dan.