November 11, 2010

A time to weep

A week ago, I started crying when I read one simple verse. And now I can't stop. I cry at things that are cheesey and sappy and the slightest bit sweet. I cry (with joy) when my kids are kind to one another. I also tear up when they are fighting, not wanting them to waste time on frivolous things. God has given us to each other to build up one another, not to tear each other down. I cry at worship songs. OK, that's not new.

I even cried a little in Walmart today. Yes, that has happened before, but out of frustration, but today's episode was about a Christian Christmas decoration. What is going on? My heart is bursting with thankfulness, and every little thing has me shouting His praise. It's sweet, but also inconvenient. The children are concerned. Mom, are you crying?

Oh, you ask? Which verse started all of this? Oh, yes, that one verse. The one that has triggered Niagara Falls.

"He sets the lonely in families."

It was tucked into an article on a blog that my sweet sis-in-law just posted on Facebook. I knew when I read it that it was Scripture. I knew I would find that powerful truth in God's Word. I also knew when I read it that I would never forget it. So I looked it up.

Psalm 68:6 reads, "God sets the lonely in families; He leads the prisoners out with singing, but the rebellious live in a sun scorched land."

If this is the heart of God, then I want that heart too. I want to be on His team. Wearing His colors. Playing on His field. Working in His fields.

God sets the lonely in families.
When I see families, I can know that God is for the good of that group.
Family was God's idea. Loneliness was not His plan. He will show us who is supposed to be in our family if we ask Him.

He leads the prisoners out with singing.
When I see the Lord leading a prisoner, rescuing someone from bondage, I can know that their song is a song of freedom. I can rejoice and worship God with them. Their freedom song is really my song too. I want to worship Him with my fellow, former prisoners.

But the rebellious live in a sun scorched land.
When I see the rebellious, even in the mirror, I want to remember what a hard life that will be. That living in a sun scorched land will lead to disaster. I want to stay open to God's leading. Not stiff necked and alienated. Not defiant, disobedient, or even fractious. Just thankful.

And weepy.

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