February 24, 2010

Breaking Up

Breaking up can be so painful. But it can also be the best thing that ever happens to us. Some circumstances and some relationships are not good for us. We are not getting better. We are stuck.

A dear friend sat in her doctor's office recently, and her nice oncologist announced that he was breaking up with her.
"Excuse me?" she asked.
"I'm breaking up with you. You don't have cancer. You don't need to see me anymore."

This is the kind of break up that we need. Wow, we can even break up with cancer because of the mercy of God.

Who needs a break up meeting with you? Which sins and habits are following you after you asked them nicely to leave? Still there? James 4:7 assures us that if we resist the devil, he will flee. If one warning didn't end it, then stand and resist. If you're feeling weak, call a friend. Or send me a note, and I will resist with you.

Sometimes an unwelcome, harassing spirit is weighing you down. Break up with it! Is it a cycle of disappointments and rejections? Are you hurting? Have you had enough of that cycle?

- Teach us your way, Lord. Lead us in a plain path. Psalm 27:11 -

You are too busy in your wholeness for that now. You have plans to be on a clear path from the Lord. You don't have time for detours.

Today, we break up with brokenness.

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  1. Great break up song: Mercy Me's "So Long, Self" I'll add a link here.