January 27, 2010

The influence of encouragement -Part 1

Sometimes the road seems funny,
Twisted and hard to abide
Sometimes the road seems easy,
And you feel happy with peace inside.

Just remember this, my love,
Regardless of how it seems,
Jesus has a plan for you
That is beyond your wildest dreams.

So praise the Lord
when you don't know why
'Cause there'll be a celebration,
By and by.

Love to my treasure,

Written by Charlotte D. Laughlin on her high school daughter's (my) brown paper lunch bag. Receiving these notes of encouragement and perspective helped shape my worldview. My problems were kept in check as I was taught to look up!


  1. WOW! How powerful for a high school teenager. Those words written today... in these times, would bring so much LIFE to our kids in a world surrounding them with so much death.

    Thanks for sharing, Leigh Ann! :)


  2. Dearest LeLe,
    Truth is still Truth whether God gave it to a mom for her budding daughter or the blossomed daughter gives it back to her fading mom. (prayerfully, not too faded)

    Here's a thought: Why don't you write scriptures and wise words for your beautiful (inside and outside) daughters and place those life inspiring words on their bathroom mirror or their closet door or on the computer screen as a unexpected blessing? I love my grands!