February 3, 2009


As I study and prepare for this new series on the generations of family life, I am telling the story of my grandmother. I miss her so much. I tucked her in and said "Good Night" on Saturday, August 30, 2008 and then drove home to Orlando the next morning. She passed away just before I arrived home. My precious mother, her daughter, was with her.

Grandmother Delchamps was a writer and a gifted communicator. She intentionally taught me about the Lord. She faithfully prayed for each of us. She studied God's Word and was willing to be corrected by the Holy Spirit. Her legacy has strongly influenced this teaching.

I dedicate this year of study and each of the Encouragement Events in 2009 to her.

Thanks, Grandmother.


  1. Looking forward to all He has in store!

  2. So excited for you and the year ahead with the Lord...all the plans He has for you!!

    P.S.- your site looks WONDERFUL...it's so pretty!! :)